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Ce blog est né de l'heureux hasard d'une rencontre, en 2010, au Salon des Vins de Loire d'Angers, autour d'un verre de rosé de Bourgueil - celui de Pierre Jacques Druet. Il y avait là cinq "plumitifs" du vin. Le rosé aidant, l'idée a germé de créer un espace commun.
Parce qu'à cinq, on peut aborder plus de thèmes.
Parce qu'on peut débattre.
Parce qu'on peut partager. Des coups de coeur, des coups de gueule, de l'expérience.
Et qu'est-ce que le vin sinon une boisson de partage?
De ces cinq, certains sont déjà des blogueurs confirmés, d'autres non.
Comme il y a les 5 sens, il y  a maintenant les 5 du Vin.

Les 5 du Vin



David Cobbold (Eccevino) est le plus français des journalistes anglais du vin, ou vice versa. Il a reçu en 2011 le Wine Blog Trophy pour  son blog, More than Just Wine.

Jim Budd, sujet de sa Gracieuse Majesté, est journaliste pour diverses revues britanniques. Amoureux des vins de Loire, il leur consacre un blog, Jim's Loire, primé en 2009 du Wine Blog Trophy.

Hervé Lalau est un journaliste français écrivant pour diverses revues et sites français, belges, suisses et canadiens. Son blog "Chroniques Vineuses" lui a valu le Wine Blog Trophy en 2010.

Michel Smith, PourLeVin, est un journaliste français établi en Roussillon, travaillant pour diverses revues et guides en France. Il s'intitule lui-même "Journaliste en Vins et autres Plats de Résistance".

Marc Vanhellemont est un journaliste belge travaillant pour divers magazines en Belgique et en France. Incontournable, sauf par la face nord.


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16 octobre 2010 6 16 /10 /octobre /2010 18:02


Self-effacing wine presenter@the RSJ restaurant's 30th anniversary dinner on 11th October 2010.


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15 août 2010 7 15 /08 /août /2010 12:05


It is a sad truth that shirts, however good they may be, have a shorter life than good Chenin Blanc. You cannot wear a shirt from time to time and expect it to last as long as a 1947 Vouvray! Nevertheless is is still a sad moment when a favourite shirt wears out. 

Take the shirt above worn for the last time this week for a visit to Gérard Gauby, which I discovered when I came to take it off that the back had ripped in two places. Although not the most flamboyant tasting shirt, this silken number was both very comfortable to wear and made a light travelling companion.

It was ideal for tasting Loires – dry Chenins, Sauvignons from the Cher Valley and further east and the delicate rosés of Reuilly from Pinot Gris as well as those in Touraine from pure Pineau d'Aunis – shortly to be banned by the Tourangelle cépages jihadists.



1999 Cuvée Majorum in soft focus

It would have graced the fine and complex 1999 Cuvée Majorum Pouilly-Fumé from Michel Redde that Michel Smith and Christine Ontivéro  kindly served us over a relaxed dinner on Wednesday night. It would, however, not have been as appropriate with the reds, which included a 1995 pure Carignan from Sylvain Fadat's Domaine d'Aupilhac. This 1995 was still full of character, although perhaps starting to decline. Another reminder that many despised grape varieties properly tended and vinified can produce excellent wine. This is probably particularly true of varieties that have long been grown in a region and are adapted to its climate. 

What can with a beloved shirt that is beyond wearing? La poubelle seems harsh and final. Perhaps a section including the rips could be framed – even a range of limited edition prints launched...   


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31 juillet 2010 6 31 /07 /juillet /2010 10:00

Jim, je te présente ma (modeste) collection de chemises estivales.


Elles sont spécialement réalisées pour moi sur mesure au Sénégal et je les porte volontiers en été pour voir si elles attirent les filles autant que les tiennes... Classy, isnt' it ? Michel Smith

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4 juillet 2010 7 04 /07 /juillet /2010 21:00



I thought you would like to see a new shirt that was fairly recently added to the collection – a rather sober, silky number. Bought as many of my shirts are in a charity shop. It was, however, rather more expensive than normal as it cost fully £10 (12.10€). I guess that tells you all you need to know about the cost of living in Putney. Had I found it in Forest Hill, then it would probably have set me back only £4 or so (4.84€).

In terms of matching shirt and wines it is still early days but I'm inclined to think that the wine needs a touch of exoticism, which is not the same as the frankly bizarre so a Nebbiolo from Iceland is certainly out of the question. No, I think something like a Californian Zinfandel probably fits the bill. A possible alternative is a peppery Pineau d'Aunis from the Coteaux du Loir but that may have too much vibrant acidity.

Clearly work in progress...    

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13 juin 2010 7 13 /06 /juin /2010 21:10



Much is written about matching food and wine but the whole thorny science of matching tasting shirts with wine has hitherto been little explored. This little number comes from the New Orleans Jazz Festival – each year the festival has a different shirt with a musical theme. This shirt features the brass and wind section and has brass buttons.

It  is, I would suggest, absolutely ideal for tasting delicate dry and off-dry whites giving a lift to Muscadet, Vinho Verdes, Mosel Kabinetts and Hunter Valley Semillons... 

Jim Budd

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25 mai 2010 2 25 /05 /mai /2010 00:07



It is indeed a sad moment when a favourite shirt reaches the end of its wearable life. There was one such moment on Saturday morning when I stretched rather too enthusastically only to hear a substantial ripping sound. OK the shirt in question has a certain discretion and in terms of symphonic shirts would fit neatly into the second movement Beethoven's 6th Symphony, provided camels were allowed to roam the gentle landscape, while serenaded by colourful tropical birds.

The shirt was silk and thus sadly irreparable as it was very comfortable to wear. It is an emotional rather than a financial loss as I guess I paid around £4 ( 4.66 € at today's commercial rate). Bought as most of my shirts are from a charity shop. 

As a mark of respect I need now to open something suitable to register its passing. On our return from Inverness this evening I opened a Sancerre – 2008 Domaine du Nozay, a property in Sainte-Gemme owned by Barons Philippe and Cyril de Benoist. The Sancerre is a sample from Corney & Barrow and is an agreeable and characterful Sancerre with gooseberry and asparagus aromas and the steely acidity of 2008. Sainte-Gemme-en-Sancerrois is right at the northern limit of the appellation. 



However despite this wine's aristocratic lineage it is rather too foursquare and lacks the necessary subtlety to fit the shirt. I think something a little more exotic is required and am considering the 1997 Château de la Guimonière, 2 ans en barriques, that dates from the time when Bernard Germain was in his pomp. But this is far too important decision to rush into. Perhaps to be continued in a future posting. Do I feel a new series coming on....? 

PS: Continuing to ponder the ideal wine for the 'wake', while greatly enjoying the film of the Stones making Exile on Main Street.

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8 mai 2010 6 08 /05 /mai /2010 13:09


La collection des Jim's Official Tasting Shirts s'agrandit with this relatively restrained number, although it has long been a favourite of mine. From time to time friends remark that a particular shirt lacks the éclat of some of the others. This is a sad and unfortunate misconception of the theology of shirts. To expect all shirts to all be in the same register would be like expecting all classical music to be like the fourth movement of Beethoven's 9th Symphony. In truth it is all about variety and counterpoint.  

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4 avril 2010 7 04 /04 /avril /2010 01:46

La collection des Jim's Official Tasting Shirts s'agrandit avec ce modèle très seyant près du corps, et particulièrement adapté pour les soirées à thèmes (fondue hawaienne, grillades polynésiennes...).


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7 mars 2010 7 07 /03 /mars /2010 00:20
Nous poursuivons notre exploration de la garde-robe des tasting-shirts du Jim avec une création clairement d'inspiration asiatique.
Une chemise très pratique pour se fondre dans la jungle des cocktails. On peut  continuer à déguster tout en tournant le dos aux raseurs.

Aucun rapport avec l'affaire Tiger Woods.


Hervé Lalau
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20 février 2010 6 20 /02 /février /2010 05:00
De passage à Sancerre, notre ami Jim a à nouveau fait étalage du chic anglais dans la campagne berrichonne.
C'est ce qu'on appelle une visite incognito.

Et pour la petite histoire, cette tenue de camouflage qui se fond si bien dans la nature environnante ne provient pas de Londres, mais de New York.

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